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Living the volunteer spirit

Living the volunteer spirit

Learn about our passionate team, and how you can help!


Learn about our passionate team, and how you can help!

About Us


Our Club

The Civic Club of Oakland has been active since 1911 when a group of ladies decided to literally 'clean up' the town removing 64 wagon loads of trash and debris from the town's streets. Over the next 100 plus years, the club has been engaged in many activities, all with the goal of connecting to the community and helping where and whenever there was a need. We continue that tradition today. 


Our History

Locally organized in 1911, the Civic Club of Oakland joined forces with the General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC) in 1914. Under GFWC, we are part of the Maryland Federation Women's Club (MFWC) - Western District. We are our own club, but enjoy the benefits of being part of a larger organization with the ability to share ideas and forge friendships with club members throughout the state.

In 2018 we donated $12,000 to 22 local non-profit organizations & funded two college scholarships

Our Mission

The purpose of the Civic Club of Oakland  shall be to promote and support the charitable, humanitarian, educational, environmental, artistic and cultural efforts of the individual and the community and to enrich the lives of Club members through volunteerism. (Article II.  Club Bylaws)